Monday, February 19, 2018


by domestic BS and minutia.feel that the last productive phase was years ago and that the mundane is absorbing me.had to gather courage to start operating the k machine again, underscoring my *fearless* moniker.
tested  some double knits great for creating fabrics that will not run when cut. do you see me going the cut and sew route instead of fully fashioned garments? 
 finally decided on half milano which is both robust and delicate if you get what i mean.
off i went after changing the sponge bar!! again!! using mora yarn 2/22  from bockens/klippans .i know it weaves great but didn't know its knitting properties.
all i can say is that once you get the correct tension it behaves great. until it finishes.
 well  i can color block the pattern  ಠ ಠ said she.

have this wonderful cashmere, it's thinner, but it won't matter.
and guess what? once i started knitting  again after 300 rows i knew i wouldn't have enough (,╯︵╰,)
and no re ordering bcse these are mill ends.
my only option is ordering more mora.have e-mailed the company and see how long it takes bcse they order on demand.

there's not much i can do except have a glass of wine.

neki desu 
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Thursday, February 08, 2018

and the beat goes on and on

this morning. the park was glorious.lots of people strolling under the snow and having a childhood time.

came back to finish my sewing. have to hem it
and source the buttons.haven't seen anything
appealing so far.the trade offs of leaving a big city.

neki desu
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Wednesday, February 07, 2018

such wonderful invention

sewing patterns that is. tried this gifted kasuri fabric with instructions on how to make a kosode with fabric rectangles.
japanese women look fantastic because they are petite and their bodies are in scale with the traditional japanese fabric widths.i looked like a frumpy potato sack. however, not all was lost since i just cut the panels in length i was able to use an old pattern  with a minor adjustment.
inside time is making me very productive!

neki desu
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