Friday, January 20, 2017

Thursday, January 19, 2017

damage control

learning about frost. we've had minus 2º c lately; if it's wet it means frost in the hood and snow in the mountains.
my datura was frost bit so it lost all its leaves. the poor thing after recouping from a hot moving truck!

at the garden center i was instructed to cover it with a plastic bag, so here it is.
while there bought a white camellia and a golden raspberry plant. looking forward to the fruit.
the terrace is next was just waiting for a big slot of time. puzzling how moving becomes a time eating monster.

neki desu
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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

pushing my comfort zone

might as well.after a stop of 5, yes,5 months without significant studio time the best way to get back was a good challenge.two and three color double bed jacquard is pretty much operative except for the unexpected tension problem. but that is knitting not patterning technique.

spent all day yesterday studying bubbles.that's going to be my topic for exploration for the year.
there's almost too much information and some of it reads like algebra- instant turn off for this mathophobe.
 However, there are graphic ways to achieve bubbles and that's the path i think i'm taking. thanks to Sandy and a highly informative post i bridged some gaps and put order in my scattered knowledge; the drawbacks of being self taught.
so armed with this and having downloaded this i am sailing ahead.
let's see where i land.

and now transpose that to the current warp. and to sewing. a bubble dress?

ps. the new stupid spellcheck in blogger slows down everything, the system one worked fine. another case of protect me from what i want.

neki desu
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