Monday, July 24, 2017

now you see them

sampling to get the correct diameter in monofilament. the upper one too thick,50 mms. and the blue cast bothers me as i find it counter intuitive.the middle one is still too stiff at 40mms.  the bottom is 35mms, somewhat better, but still thick.

now you dont! 25mms and i think i can go down to 20. nice and supple and best of all
invisible.working at tension 7.

tension 9 proved to be too loose and ended up in a big loopy mess. yes, sample,sample,sample. i ended up with a big supply of monofilament. fishing anyone?

neki desu
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Friday, July 21, 2017


somewhat late for tanabata, but it has that atmosphere.
have a good weekend.17Âșc here,please do not hate me!

neki desu
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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

of widths

                                                                  sleeve pattern                                                 

one thing is clear: if i want to continue making cloth for apparel either a new wider loom or dress japanese style. their looms are narrower than mine and their system is minimum  cloth waste.
researching the net for kosode history and patterns i spent a good morning finding all kinds of information.
from there i developed my take, a short top with the  length  of fabric i have.

making a muslin first to avoid hand tremor as i cut the fabric.the pattern is extremely straightforward however.
i can even use the length of fabric i have folded over and opened in the front, as it has a separate piece that conforms the collar.
let's see how this fits i'll be sewing the toile tomorrow. sewing used to be summer activity as my studio was an oven.
still haven't get used to having a cooler temperature. although i have to say temps are expected to go to the high twenties or even 30. poor people here,they are not used to these temps. still much,much better than barcelona because nights are cool.

neki desu
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