Monday, November 20, 2017

maybe the universe is trying to tell me something

maybe i need to concentrate more, or give up weaving and knitting all together and enjoy my present life.
i spent the last 30 years concentrated in my weaving and now the paradigm has changed, having a more  socially active life and all of a sudden it's almost like i have unlearned what i had under my belt.making crude mistakes and stupid judgments concerning materials, 

this is like ground hog day. winding a warp again.

 using much heavier yarn.have been given a humility lesson. we shall see

neki desu
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Friday, November 17, 2017

the magic of smallness

back to the friday vid. just one qualm, hate when they call it tie dye.
have a great weekend

as for me opera tonight!

neki desu
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Thursday, November 16, 2017


as simon bolivar said if you can't fight them join them and make them obey you.
a k machine project with the eye on an exhibit.the loom is not my friend and it's resting for a while until i can force it into obedience, aka as the new linen warp is drying.
we're experiencing some glorious fall days and the walks are pure joy.

the japanese say ( meaning that it's another sign of their uniqueness) that in japan there are four seasons. so here we are !
speaking of japan japanese classes are going fine, reviewing what i did the first time and now it's gelling in my brain. the first time i stayed in the recognition only  stage this time i'm moving to the production stage. can't be happier.
verbs however are still to be crammed.

neki desu
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