Thursday, February 26, 2015

coin purses

luxurious silk coin purses.another flavor,same warp.the weft here is some remnant of murasaki dyed silk from some years ago.
think i have enough for one more.after that setting the loom up for the yardage fabric.

neki desu
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

one day at a time

this is the motherboard,looks pretty scary oi? might as well change the battery because it will eventually go.

this whole repair has proven to be very stressful and it's taking much longer than expected. not as easy peasy as the tutorials indicate.
and still the baby won't turn on. luckily i located a power board, ordered it  and am waiting  to get it. if i can't manage to turn on the baby, i'll have someone come and install the board.
i can hear you chuckle!! ಠ-ಠ
today is really windy and awful so i can't take my walk.will use that time for something entertaining. i need entertainment therapy.

neki desu
Creative Commons License

Monday, February 23, 2015

token of gratitude


completing this piece as a token of gratitude for the person who held my hand virtually-i should say virtually held my hand virtually- during the soldering and whining episode.
both the piece and the soldering need a few more touches to be called finished. but i'm taking one day at a time.
the piece is poly chiffon with needlefelt, foiling and hand stitching.the poly chiffon gives a  hint of glimmer where it shows contrasting with the matte felted wool.the silver foil is self explanatory.
stitching was therapeutic after my stint as an electronics repair person.

neki desu
Creative Commons License


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