Friday, July 31, 2015

about darts

this is cut and spread method.
a good reason why i should have paid more attention in geometry class.
( had it been explained in a practical exampled way)

have a great weekend.

neki desu
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Thursday, July 30, 2015

these were dyed too

the color is much darker, but the light today is not very good, it's cloudy and muggy , no more dyeing. 3 dips, wanted  couple more, but the material is cotton and paper yarn and was concerned about its possible it was a gift from a dear friend and didn't want to lose it to high ph.

these went into the vat,with recklesness because they were cheap cotton pants from the chinese bazaar. got them while doing el camino because night were too cool for shorts.nothing to lose here a lot to gain!
proud to say that with my 30 liter vat i was able to dye them without streaking.
waiting for the weather to improve so i can keep dyeing. if it's cloudy or storm menacing using the vat is not recommended.

neki desu
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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

those manipulative darts

 this is my bodice block, drafted all by myself.i know someone somewhere is going to whine about some kind of infringement, but onward i go. there is a gap  on the shoulder  to collar line, this is the bust dart.there's another dart at the bottom. 

this gap is a dart that has to be closed .the bottom dart needs to be slashed open and manipulated so it ..

..fits the dart on the front skirt block. the dart on the skirt also needs to be moved to match the bodice.they have to be the same width.then you join both blocks to get your dress block.

so far it's pretty ordinary, but what if you want to move the bust dart to the armhole? whoa!!
we're talking big leagues here; there are various methods for manipulating darts, slash and open pivoting, but despair not as there are awesome tutorials.

the shortlist:

it just takes a bit of patience and a lot of erasing. once you get your basic dress block it becomes the foundation for creating any style you want.i am closer to making my final pattern  ^_^

neki desu
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