Monday, September 22, 2014

the end of hesitation

remember this fabric? it has been shuffled around for more than a year waiting for my weight to stabilize so i could fit into its narrowness;waiting to find a pattern that also fit into its narrowness and did not waste too much of the precious fabric. waiting and hesitating. 

yesterday i finally put and end to hesitation 101 as i found i could fit into this pattern and it in turn could be cut with minimal waste.

i am going to bore myself doing french seams because the fabric is light and the seams need special attention. either french seams or binding and guess what?

talking about boring i received a requirement from the bank that i needed to complete a w-9 form :(
being from puerto rico i've never had a tax number bcse we don't pay the feds. so it seems i need to go to the consulate and get whatever or a pat on the head or who knows what the situation is now.
this week promises to be enveloped by domestic bs. geezzz.

neki desu
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Monday, September 15, 2014

i have something to show

this is how far i've come.  patching gifted and dyed scraps to make a  summer bed cover .i still have a long way to go. this is just a meter square and my bed is 150x 190,  hoping i'll have enough scraps. ai vat is on its last leg , don't want to add more ai to it. it still dyes, but the colors come somewhat tealish. motainai, motainai, but this is not a patchwork.
on another subject already sent my entry to the juried show. now i just have to wait and see.

neki desu
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Friday, September 12, 2014

one last song

before summer comes to a close. 29┬║ over here
have a great weekend

neki desu
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